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About Us

Vendors please remember that the roads will be closed from the intersection at Willow and  Carroll all the way until Carroll and Tulip intersect. There will be a stage across the street at  Willow and Carroll and there is no outlet on that side of the Fest.

 To arrive at the Fest please come up Carroll Ave(195) from the intersection of East-West Hwy  (410), there will be no other route that is clear.

 The parking lot that we have been generously allowed to use in the past is located by way of a  alley at the top of the intersection of Laurel and Carroll Avenues. There is an exit onto Eastern  Ave from the lot.

 Last year many of our vendors drove down Carroll towards the stage at Willow Ave and nearly  injured the people putting the stage up. DO NOT GO  DOWN CARROLL PAST THE INTERSECTION  WITH LAUREL. We can’t stress this enough. There is no exit that way.

So here is a simplified map of the booth spaces.

     LIGHT BLUE designates where you should come in to the Fest area.

    GREEN is where barriers are set up and no traffic is allowed through.

    PURPLE is where the stages are located.

    DARK BLUE is the path to the parking located behind the shops right before Laurel Ave.

    BROWN is where the toilets are set up, between the Food Vendor J and booth 97.

    RED CIRCLE is where the JazzFest booth is located. It is booth number 100.